A lesson in Patience and Acceptance.

Well, if you are reading this and you are at this website I bet you are trying to register for the Jamboree! Please know that the Jamboree is still on schedule, the online registration…well as you can see it is not.

For those who are not aware, which I guess most people are not, we lost are database last year…just a few weeks prior to the Jamboree.  That it made for a challenging registration is an understatement, but we did it! So, what did that mean for this year – well it meant creating a new database system, which we are just finishing up now! I could go into all the little in’s and out’s of the process but that is really not what this post is about – it is about having patience and acceptance when things do not go as you planned!

The plan was to have the website up and running along with the new database by September 1st, but it obviously did not work out that way.

At times I have found myself praying the Serenity Prayer desperately asking for help with the newest difficulty, only to be reminded that I am not in this alone nor do I have to be!  I have become more able to say, “Nothing in God’s world happens by mistake,” to mean it and to then let things go.

I am sure I will continue to work towards acceptance of the bumps in the road and I know that once all is up and running, that I will have a much better appreciation for those people who can and do create databases and websites as well as a better acceptance for my limitations in these areas.

So, the best I can say is come on down to Ocean Shores in November and enjoy the peace of Serenity at the Shores.

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